How Do You Clean a .380 Bersa?

Cleaning a .380 Bersa pistol requires partial disassembly in order to properly clean the barrel. To get started, gather some gun oil, solvent, a bore brush, a patch holder and patches and a cleaning rod. Optional items that may ease the process include a small flashlight, cotton swabs and a nylon cleaning brush.

  1. Field strip the firearm

    Cleaning the barrel bore requires the slide to be removed. Locate the take-down lever on the right side of the weapon and rotate it down and forward. Pull the slide to the right, and lift it in order to disengage it from the rails. Ease the slide forward and off the pistol.

  2. Clean the barrel bore

    Remove the recoil spring from the barrel. Attach the bore brush to a cleaning rod, and apply solvent to the brush. Push the brush through the barrel several times, and add solvent as needed. Remove the bore brush and attach a patch holder and patch. Run the patch holder through the barrel. Replace the patch and repeat until the patch comes out looking clean. Finish the process by adding some oil to a new patch and running it through the bore one last time.

  3. Clean the other parts and reassemble

    Use a nylon brush with solvent to clean any other pieces that are dirty. Wipe down any remaining solvent and apply lubricant as needed. Reassemble the firearm. The exterior of the gun can be polished with some gun oil on a clean rag.