How Do You Clean a 12 Gauge Stoeger Shotgun?


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To clean a 12 gauge Stoeger shotgun, disassemble the shotgun, push a solvent patch through the barrel, brush the inside of the barrel, clean it again with a solvent patch, and wipe down the firearm with gun oil before reassembly. Most cleaning kits are universal and work with all brands of shotguns. Different styles of shotguns, such as single-shot, pump action and semi-automatic, require different techniques for disassembly, but the cleaning process is similar.

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Completely disassemble the gun, and clean the barrels and bore with damp solvent patches and a pushrod to move the patches down the complete barrel length. Attach the correctly sized brush for the barrel gauge to the push rod, and move it up and down the inside of the barrel to dislodge any material build-up. Run solvent patches through the barrel to remove loosened build-up. Wipe all of the gun's surface area with a cloth dampened with gun oil. Lock the gun in a safe and humidity-controlled environment for storage.

Some models of Stoeger shotguns, including the M3500 and M3000, require a break-in process. These Stoeger models must be cleaned immediately after purchase followed by firing 100 to 200 rounds of heavy loads to prepare them for proper cycling of lighter loads.

Cleaning and maintenance requirements for Stoeger shotguns vary depending on the type of hunting intended, the type of powder in the loads and the number of rounds fired. Typically, the bore and exterior surfaces should be cleaned after every use. The carrier assembly and bolt rails should be oiled at the end of the day and the bolt and trigger mechanisms cleaned as necessary.

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