What Are Some Classic Matches of the Wrestler Known As the Undertaker?


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Some classic matches of the Undertaker are "Undertaker vs. HBK, Wrestlemania 25," Undertaker vs. HBK, WrestleMania 26," Undertaker vs. Kane, Wrestlemania 14" and "Undertaker vs. Mankind, King of the Ring." The Undertaker, who has been wrestling for the WWE since 1990, was well-known for his 21 straight victories in WrestleMania, in which he finally lost to Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania XXX. Undertaker stands at 6'10" and uses horror tactics to intimidate his opponents.

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"Undertaker vs. HBK, Wrestlemania 25" has been referred to as the greatest match in Wrestlemania and WWE history. The wrestling match, which took place in 2009, pitted the Undertaker against WWE legend Shawn Michaels. The match was called the "Super Bowl" of professional wrestling and was won by The Undertaker. "Undertaker vs. HBK, WrestleMania 26" was a rematch against Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker got credit for ending Shawn Michaels career, who is one of the greatest wrestling legends of all time.

"Undertaker vs. Kane, WrestleMania 14" was a wrestling match in 1998 against Undertaker's brother Kane. In "Undertaker vs. Mankind, King of the Ring," Undertaker threw his opponent Mankind off the top of a cage and eventually won the match. The match contained some of most complex stunts ever performed by the WWE.

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