What Are Some Classic Cheerleading Cheers?

Classic styles of cheering include team pride chants, spelling cheers, crowd response cheers, defense and offense cheers, and victory cheers. Many of these cheers require cheerleaders to insert their team names. For example, the cheer "Go team! Go team! Who do we mean? We'll say it loud because we're proud!" is the start of a classic team pride chant, and the cheerleaders then spell out the name of their own team.

Some cheers are universal and don't require team names, such as spelling cheers that spell out the words "best," "victory," "spirit" or "awesome." Another example of a universal cheer is the crowd response cheer "Who's Got Spirit?" In this cheer, cheerleaders ask the crowd, "Who's got spirit? Who do? Who do?" The crowd responds, "We've got spirit! We do! We do!" Crowd response cheers are often easy, simple cheers that engage the audience.

Other cheer types that engage the audience and don't require team names are defense and offense cheers. Cheerleaders form these cheers by cheering on the home team and calling out the opposing team, but universal cheers such as "Score!" and "Kick That Ball!" also fall under this category. Cheerleaders may use "Score!" during times of high tension in the game, and this cheer involves cheering, "Score! Score! We want more!"