How Does a ClassDojo Teacher Offer Classes Locally?

How Does a ClassDojo Teacher Offer Classes Locally?

A teacher using ClassDojo cannot offer classes locally. Rather, she can print parent codes that correspond to the children in one of her classes, and a parent can in turn access any information about her child posted by the teacher to the virtual ClassDojo classroom.

ClassDojo is a point-based behavior tracking app that enables teachers, parents and students to remain in constant communication about a child's in-classroom progress or lack thereof. The app is free to use, and teachers can use the interface on a MAC, PC or an iOS mobile device.

The teacher has the option of projecting her virtual ClassDojo classroom onto a blackboard during actual class time or monitoring her classroom privately. The former provides students real-time updates about their progress. In the app, each student corresponds to a monster graphic. The teacher only has to click on a student's graphic in order to reward her for demonstrating teamwork, working hard, staying focused and participating.

The teacher also can deduct points from students who fail to meet or exceed expectations in these categories. ClassDojo automatically emails the parent weekly and prompts her to check her child's in-classroom status. A parent may sign in at any time, as well. ClassDojo serves as an ongoing parent-teacher conference.

The ClassDojo interface is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and simplified Chinese, in addition to Turkish.