How Do You Choose a Trolling Motor Battery?


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To choose a battery for a trolling motor, consider the battery type and battery amperage hour rating. There are two main types of batteries for these motors, and budget is also a consideration for most buyers.

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The specific battery types are lead acid wet-cell and absorbed glass mat batteries. Lead acid wet-cell batteries are very common and handle draining and recharging well. These batteries are also more affordable than other batteries, less than $100 as of 2015, and can last more than two years. However, these batteries require maintenance regularly and are prone to spillage and vibration.

The other option for trolling motors is the absorbed glass mat battery. These batteries have a seal, have a longer charge and can last up to four years. However, these batteries cost about two times as much as lead acid wet cell and are not appropriate for tight budgets. For many, however, this is worth it as these batteries are maintenance-free.

It is also important to consider the amperage hour rating of a battery when choosing it for a trolling motor. A battery with a higher amp hour rating lasts longer, so one with a 115 amp hour rating lasts longer than one with 100 amp hours. A battery with a 100 amp hour rating offers 100 amp hours of current to the motor. This means if a motor runs at a low speed and only using about four amps, the battery can last around 25 hours. However, if pulling 40 amps at a high speed, it only lasts about two and a half hours.

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