How Do You Choose the Right Sports Knee Brace?


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Choosing the right knee brace is dependent on your level of comfort with each category and style, the injury from which you are recovering, and the activities you plan to perform while wearing the knee brace, according to Mueller Sports Medicine. There are four categories and two styles of knee braces. The categories include sleeves, supports, stabilizers and hinges, while the styles are slip on or wraparound.

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Knee sleeves come in different sizes and slip on over the knee very easily, explains Mueller Sports Medicine. Knee supports are adjustable and typically wrap around the knee. Knee stabilizers have steel springs on either side of the knee for increased support. Hinged knee braces provide the best support thanks to hinges that permit the knee to move in a way that mimics its natural motion.

A closed patella knee brace is ideal for an individual who wants to provide his kneecap with the same support the rest of the knee is receiving, notes Mueller Sports Medicine. In contrast, the open patella knee brace relieves pressure on the kneecap.

There are no uniform sizes for knee braces. The size of your ideal knee brace depends on the style and category you choose, states Mueller Sports Medicine. Each knee brace provides a list of measurements for an ideal fit. If you have not purchased a knee brace before, it is best to try on a few sizes to find the perfect match.

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