How Do You Choose the Right Ski Gloves?

How Do You Choose the Right Ski Gloves?

Protect the vulnerable skin on your hands from the cold by choosing the right ski gloves. You need to look for the perfect size, shape and glove material.

  1. Choose the right size

    When deciding on the size of glove you need, opt for larger rather than smaller size. This way you can remove your gloves easily. However, if you want leather gloves, choose a smaller size because the material stretches. To get the correct size, measure your palm from the little finger to the index finger. A 6-inch palm size is an XXS glove size. An XXL glove size is equivalent to a 9-inch palm size.

  2. Choose the appropriate shape

    Choose between the two basic shapes: gloves or mittens. Gloves are more practical and give the hands a better range of motion. Mittens insulate the fingers better from the cold. If you are sensitive to cold, opt for mittens or gloves with extra liners.

  3. Choose the glove material

    Choose the glove material that protects your hands from moisture and perspiration. Look for materials that are both waterproof and breathable; they wick away moisture and keep your hands dry to prevent heat loss. If you need extra warmth, get removable liners.