How Do You Choose a Recumbent Trike?


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The first step to choosing a recumbent trike is determining a budget and looking for specific attributes. Entry-level recumbent trikes cost around $500, while high-end models can cost $7,000 or more.

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While the cheapest recumbent trikes function well, they tend to be heavy, which makes them more difficult to use. At around the $1,000 price point, buyers can find a quality trike that's comfortable to ride for lengthy periods of time. Those looking for more speed, more storage or more comfort likely need to budget more, as these attributes add to the trike's development costs.

It's also important to choose a trike that's the right size for the rider. Unlike upright bicycles, recumbent trikes are difficult or impossible to adjust for riders of different sizes, and their low profile can make it difficult for short riders to see over the tall front wheels. Tall riders might also need to try out specific models to make sure they're comfortable.

Prospective buyers also need to consider how they're going to use the recumbent trike. Casual riders might want to prioritize comfort over performance and choose a slightly heavier model. Riders looking for the top speed possible might want to sacrifice the softer suspension found on models designed for casual riding. Riders interested in both casual and performance riding might need to try out various models to find one that provides the best balance.

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