How Do You Choose the Best Humminbird Fish Finder to Suit Your Fishing Style?

Choosing the best Humminbird fish finder for your fishing style involves evaluating the relative value of price, size and technology. The two major categories of Humminbird fish finders are freshwater and blue water. Each category provides several choices for in sonar type, cartography, display type, display size and price.

To choose the type of water environment in which you plan to use the fish finder, go to the Humminbird home page, and click on either freshwater or blue water. Blue water fish finders have sonar technology that includes broadband chirp, digital signal processing, side imaging, DualBeam PLUS Switchfire and Xtreme Depth Dual Beam. Cartography technology includes TriFuel World Base Maps, LakeMaster and LakeMaster PLUS.

Choose between color touch or color display types. Display sizes range from 7 inches to 10 inches or higher. Consider the size and space of your boat when choosing screen sizes. Blue water fish finder prices vary dramatically, so your budget for fishing investment comes into play at this point. Many of these choices are also present in the freshwater fishing selection, with the addition of features for smaller bodies of water.

The Humminbird website also includes fish finder accessories, including cables, transducers, networking, switches and unit mounts.