How Do You Choose a Bike?


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To choose the right bike, a person should decide if he plans to ride primarily on or off-road. He should shop at a local bike store, try several bikes, and buy the best bike that he can afford.

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A road bike can be a good choice if an individual plans to stay on the pavement at all times. Road bikes are faster than mountain bikes, and they can be ridden comfortably for long distances. Anyone who plans to ride trails that feature rough terrain should consider a mountain bike. Mountain bikes feature durable construction and a comfortable, upright riding position. A hybrid bike may be a good fit for someone riding a combination of paved roads and smooth trails.

Rather than shopping online or at a large retailer, visit a local bike shop. Discuss riding plans with a member of the shop’s staff to get suggestions on the best bike. Sample several bikes before making any purchase. When selecting a bike, start by determining a budget, and buy the best bike that's within that budget. Bikes that look similar can often be equipped with vastly different components, and these components are often critical in determining the quality and functionality of the bike.

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