How Do You Choose a 14-Inch Bike?


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Bikes with 14-inch wheels are designed for children ages 4 to 6 with an inseam of 16 to 20 inches. Size and fit are the most important considerations, with quality taking a backseat as children outgrow their bikes fairly quickly. Children should be able to turn the handlebars easily. Unless they are strong for their age, their bikes should be equipped with coaster brakes rather than handbrakes.

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Children's bikes are often as heavy as adult bikes despite their smaller size. A good quality children's bike can cost as much as an adult's, but as children outgrow bikes quickly, parents are less likely to invest in an expensive bike. Most bikes at this size are single-speed, and training wheels are optional. Unless children learned to ride later than is typical, they should develop confidence and be ready to graduate from training wheels before they're ready for a 14-inch bike. Before moving on from training wheels, children should be able to turn the handlebars easily, because the bike's direction is controlled entirely by them.

Not all manufacturers offer 14-inch wheels. Children's bikes can be found at toy stores or in bike shops. When cycling, children should always wear a helmet regardless of the distance they are riding.

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