What Are Some Cheerleading Camps You Can Attend?

What Are Some Cheerleading Camps You Can Attend?

The National Cheerleaders Association has a variety of camps that it offers, including overnight camps, resort camps, speed camps and day camps. If teams are unable to attend a scheduled camp, the National Cheerleaders Association can work with a cheerleading team to tailor a camp to the team.

Overnight camps are three- or four-day camps that offer the full National Cheerleaders Association curriculum. It offers choreography with game day and performance style material for cheerleaders in grades six through 12.

The resort camps take place at a luxury hotel or resort location. The camp incorporates extended breaks to allow for team bonding and enjoyment of the location. In these camps, the cheer team learns most of the National Cheerleaders Association curriculum in a condensed time period. Any material that is not covered at the camp is provided in a curriculum DVD that is given to the team's coaches.

Speed camps focus on techniques needed for skills in stunts, pyramids and baskets, while day camps occur on a daily schedule of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Day camps take place in two-, three- or four-day sessions. These camps offer the same curriculum as resident camps, but in a condensed format.

Youth Camps for children ages 7 to 13 are also available to teach cheer fundamentals, safety, skill checks, and formations and transitions. It also includes a focus on youth spirit dance.