How Do Cheerleaders Get to Compete in Competitions?

How Do Cheerleaders Get to Compete in Competitions?

Cheerleaders get to compete against opponents in formal tournaments dedicated for cheerleaders. Most cheerleading competitions involve jumping, performing stunts and tumbling with music playing in the background.

In conventional tournaments, each team is given two and a half minutes to display its skills. Usually, there is an audience and a panel of judges that awards marks. The marks that a team accumulates depend on the difficulty of the stunts and how synchronized the spectacular acts are.

There may be different categories of the competition. At the end of the competition, the panel of judges gives awards to winners of each competition and announces an overall winner. The winning team may win a trophy, some sponsorship, cash prizes and the ultimate bragging rights.

Most cheerleading teams exist in institutions, such as high schools and colleges. In this regard, they may only make moves and megaphone chants aimed at motivating their school’s sports teams. In addition, a cheerleader team from one school may compete with another one from a different school.

However, specialized teams exist for purposes of professional competitions. Competitive cheerleading therefore requires a lot of skill and dedication. Participants have to practice for lengthy hours, in order to perfect their moves. Similarly, cheerleaders have to adhere to a strict lifestyle of exercise and proper diet to remain in the best form.