How Do You Check the ESPN MLB Scoreboard Live?

The live ESPN MLB Scoreboard is available online at From the ESPN homepage, navigate to the MLB tab and select the Scores option. This link takes you directly to the live scoreboard, which displays the day's current and completed games, their times, the channel that they are showing on, and available tickets to see the game in person. During the off season, the scoreboard shows the first day of regular season games for the upcoming season.

The live scoreboard page not only allows fans to view their team's schedule for that specific day but also has a navigation feature allowing them to see games on other dates. Additionally, each game has a Conversation button that allows fans from both teams to comment on their matchup, including friendly banter. This tool is linked to the users' Facebook accounts.

The scoreboard also includes a news feed for Major League Baseball as a whole. The feed pulls not only news stories but also news blurbs and tweets from MLB experts.

Fans can also click on their team's name to navigate to the team home page. Team home pages contain a detailed column of the team's immediate upcoming schedule, relevant news stories for the team as a whole as well as individual players, the official divisional standings, team leader data sets, and a link to the team's official apparel store.