How Do You Check on Division I-AA Football Rankings?

How Do You Check on Division I-AA Football Rankings?

College Sports Madness, SportsRatings, ESPN and the NCAA’s websites provide up-to-date rankings for college Division I-AA, or Football Championship Subdivision, teams. Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams must meet a minimum attendance requirement of 15,000 people at least once in a two-year period.

College Sports Madness’ FCS rankings include the top 25 weekly teams and players of the week. Other information provided is a weekly prediction of the FCS playoff bracket and a searchable database of standings from previous weeks in the season.

The NCAA’s rankings provide two lists: the top 25 teams each week and a simple ranking system that gives standings for all 125 teams. The rankings also include the results of the FCS Coaches Poll.

ESPN’s records break down the results by the 14 conferences and leagues. The rankings database spans 12 years.

Sports Ranking’s list organizes the standings of all 125 teams, categorized by power rankings; breaking down a team’s strengths and successes statistically. Other information available records yardage stats for passing divided by defense and offense, rushing for offense and defense, and attempted passing for offense and defense.

The NCAA changed the college ranking from Division I-AA to the Football Championship Subdivision in 2006 to avoid confusion with classifications in different divisions.