How Do You Go on Cheap Wild Hog Hunts in the United States?


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American Hunter states that Osceola Outdoors offers a relaxing hunt as low as $250 for a whole day of hunting feral hogs near Florida's Lake Okeechobee. Great Southern Outdoors in Alabama offers a two-day hunt for $500 and a special couples' hunt in September.

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How Do You Go on Cheap Wild Hog Hunts in the United States?
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In Louisiana, the Pearl River wildlife management area is one of the best and cheapest places to hunt hogs. As of 2015, Pearl River WMA's Cutter Creek Outfitters charges $200 for a meat hog hunt. Wild Hog Ridge in Columbia, Louisiana charges $80 per person for a day of hunting meat hogs, then charges $1.60 per pound for the hog itself. Trophy hog hunts start at $400 and go up to $550 or more.

Because feral hogs are a nuisance in the minds of many farmers and other people living in rural communities, most areas have next to no bag limit and allow year-round hunting. As a result, hunting feral hogs is cheap, especially in the south. Hunting on public land is one of the cheapest ways to hunt in the United States, and Florida in particular has some of the best public land available for hog hunts. Wildlife management areas include the Apalachicola Brawell Unit, Green Swamp, part of Big Bend Snipe Island and Triple N Ranch. Hunters who prefer pursuing hogs with dogs flock to Tosohatchee, one of the top destinations for that activity.

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