What Are Some Makes of Cheap Lowrider Bikes?


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Some of the most popular, cheap lowrider bikes include the lowrider beach cruiser bicycle, the Micargi lowrider F4 and the Schwinn lowrider. Inexpensive lowrider bikes are made for both boys and girls.

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Some other lowrider bikes include the lowrider chopper bicycle, the El Ray lowrider bicycle and the Estilo lowrider. All lowrider bikes are available with various features, which may impact the price. For example, riders have the option to install a banana seat, sissy bar or ape-hanger handlebars. Other optional accessories include chrome, velvet seating and overspoked wheels. Riders should know that lowrider bikes are more for looks and less about agility.

If riders prefer to test ride before purchasing a lowrider bike, it is best to go to an establishment that sells the Schwinn brand because Schwinn is a well-known brand of affordable lowrider bikes. If riders prefer to order online, many local bike shops and specialty bike stores allow customers this convenience. Amazon, eBay and Craigslist are all excellent options if riders do not mind a used bike or do not care about testing it first. These are also great outlets if riders want to change bike features or customize the bike in any way to suit their personality.

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