What Are Characteristics of a Good Trout Net?


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A good trout net to use for catch-and-release fishing should have rubber netting material. Rubber trout nets reduce the stress that the fish experience, which leads to more fish surviving after being released. Rubber trout nets have a seamless bag that expands to fit a fish's weight and size naturally. In addition, they have a flat bottom panel, which supports the full length of the fish.

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What Are Characteristics of a Good Trout Net?
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Choices available for trout nets include those made of wood, aluminum, and folding nets. Wooden nets are often handcrafted and somewhat expensive but have a great, classic look to them. Aluminum nets are inexpensive and highly durable. Folding nets can fit into a backpack and are convenient and practical, as well as being fairly durable. Another good option for netting material is soft mesh, which is fairly easy on the fish. Rubberized nets sometimes break after a few years of use; however, it is still worth using them in order to increase the chances of the fish surviving once released. Rubber trout nets also have the additional benefit of making hooks simple to remove as they will not get caught in the netting material, unlike with other types of nets. Ultimately, to keep the fish safe, a good trout net should feel gentle to the touch because that is how it will feel to the fish.

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