What Are Some Characteristics of the Best Golf Clubs for Beginners?


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The best golf clubs for beginners have perimeter-weighted heads and graphite shafts. Perimeter weighted heads increase the size of the club's sweet spot, which makes the club much more forgiving for the beginning golfer. Graphite shafts are more expensive but help concentrate the weight of the club in the head, improving the speed of the golfer's swing.

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Beginners should consider purchasing a half set of clubs. Half sets usually include five irons, three woods and a putter. These sets eliminate some of the most difficult-to-use clubs and make choosing the correct club for the shot easier.

Golf clubs are expensive, especially if the golfer chooses a new set. Used clubs provide a bargain for beginners who are unsure if golf is a sport they plan to play seriously. It is also easier to replace a used set if the player decides to upgrade later.

Standard golf clubs are designed for use by a 5-foot-10-inch male. Beginners who are significantly taller or shorter than this height benefit from a club fitting to ensure that the clubs they are buying work for their body shape. If the player decides to forgo the fitting, the player should try the clubs before buying them.

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