How Do You Change a Bike Tire?

change-bike-tire Credit: Schristia/CC-BY-SA 2.0

To change a bike tire, remove the tire from your bicycle, and remove the tube from the rim. Remove the tube, and put a new tube into the tire. Replace the tire on the rim and inflate. Put the inflated tire back on the bike.

  1. Remove the tire

    Take the tire off the bicycle by removing the necessary bolts. It may be necessary to loosen the brakes in order to remove the tire. If you are removing the back tire, lift it enough to clear the chain.

  2. Remove the tube from the rim

    Take the existing tube from the rim, paying close attention not to damage the stem valve.

  3. Replace the tube with a new one

    Replace the old tire tube with a new one. Be sure that it is not bent or twisted inside of the tire.

  4. Put the tire back on the rim

    Put the tire back on the rim. Use your finger to carefully push the valve stem back into its original hole.

  5. Inflate the tire

    With an air pump, inflate the tire with the appropriate amount of air.

  6. Put the tire back on the bike

    Replace the tire back on the bike and tighten all the bolts.