How Do You Change a Bicycle Brake Cable?


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To change a bicycle brake cable, unscrew the PVC casting on the handle and the grips on the tire holding the old cable. Remove it from the casing, insert a new one, and screw it into place.

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How Do You Change a Bicycle Brake Cable?
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  1. Open the screws on the casting, and the brake grip

    Use a screwdriver to unscrew the grips that are holding the cable. On the handle, make sure the tension adjusting spindle is fully loose to allow easy removal of the cable. Open the brake casting and release the barrel end of the cable from the nook. Once one end of the cable is released, unscrew the grips on the rim.

  2. Remove old cable from the housing

    Look out for other grips on the bicycle frame holding the cable housing in place. Allow the cover to remain in position while you carefully slide out the old cable.

  3. Insert a new cable and fix it in place

    For easy installation, hook the barrel end of the cable first. Tighten the barrel in the nook and thread the cable through the casting. Now slide the cable through the cover and screw it in place on the rim grips.

  4. Adjust cable tension

    Once the cable is screwed tight, pull the brake and check if the mechanism is working properly. If not, adjust the tension using the spindle on the casting. If that doesn't fix the problem, unscrew the grips on the rim and pull the wire further out before screwing it in place.

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