What Caused the Death of Scott Hall?

Disabled man Scott Hall died of a brain hemorrhage from blunt force trauma, 11 days after being kicked and punched by two 15-year-old boys outside a library in Durham, England, in July 2014. Hall, who suffered from Rasmussen's Syndrome, was 28 years old.

Hall's juvenile attackers were sentenced to community service and rehabilitation, and not charged with homicide, because the crown prosecutor could not link Hall's death to the attack. The decision left Hall's mother and sister devastated. Hall was initially taken to hospital and released, but he was taken to the hospital nine days later after being found unconscious at the family home. He died two days later. Hall suffered from a brain hemorrhage.

The case attracted attention due to the young age of the offenders, the brutality of the attack, their callous behavior after the assault and slap-on-the-wrist sentence. After learning of Hall's death, one of the attackers changed his Facebook status to "full-time killer."