How Do You Catch Walleye?

How Do You Catch Walleye?

To catch walleyes, consult local organizations to determine where the fish are located, and use the appropriate bait for the season and water conditions. Using a depth-finder helps to identify the location of fish. Catching a walleye can require many weeks of fishing.

  1. Choose a stocked lake

    Check the Department of Natural Resources, or the equivalent organization in the region, to determine which lake offers the highest number of walleyes in the region. Some lakes are stocked with specific types of fish, including walleye, which increases the chances of catching the fish.

  2. Use the appropriate bait and equipment

    When fishing in muddy water, fast-flowing streams or rivers, use a weighted bait that reaches the bed of the river or lake. Artificial baits should be used when non-target fish are caught, and flyfishing bait can be effective when used during late winter. Warm water fishing requires the use of live baits. If walleye are present in the lake, but aren't biting, try using a different type of bait. Fishing in weedy areas is recommended, particularly when fishing in clear, shallow waters.

  3. Use a depth-finder

    A depth-finder is a tool that can help pinpoint the presence of fish. Look for rock piles and other underwater structures that are attractive to walleyes using the depth-finder.