How Do You Catch Tilapia?

catch-tilapia Credit: David Silverman/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Fishermen will typically hunt for tilapia in shallow waters during breeding season. When using angling methods to catch tilapia, fishermen use edible lures to attract the fish. They pierce the bait with a hook and use a bobber float to see when there is a bite. They reel the fish in gently, as tilapia have very thin lips.

The first step in catching tilapia is to find them in the water. Tilapia like slow-moving, shallow waters in sub-tropical regions. Gently moving a boat close to the shoreline of a lake or pond can help a fisherman discover tilapia nests or schools.

To attract the tilapia, fishermen use nightcrawlers, earthworms, small pieces of hot dogs or bread balls as lures. Artificial lures do not typically generate a high capture rate for this type of fish. It is often recommended that a fisherman try a couple different bait types until he finds one that works with his fishing style.

Tilapia are not known for their high angling rates. Most tilapia that are sold in stores are not caught using this method but rather with nets. Fishermen hunting this fish for sport need patience to catch this fish with a rod and reel.