How Do You Catch Striped Bass?

How Do You Catch Striped Bass?

Knowing how to adjust fishing techniques and choice of bait to suit environmental conditions are the main requirements for catching striped bass. If not using live bait, always use quality lures that simulate the movement of the bass' prey.

Since bass have better visibility in calmer and clearer water, use natural colored lures that look like striped bass' real prey. In murkier, rougher waters, using shinier or more brightly colored lures better attracts the attention of bass that have low visibility.

Use rougher white water patches to your advantage. In clear water, striped bass may realize your lure is not food. Disguise your lure by casting into rougher water when possible.

Reel in quickly to make the lure move fast and attract the bass. Alternatively, reel in slowly and near the surface to make your lure appear like prey unaware of any impending danger, drawing the bass in with the promise of an easy meal.

Lures work most of the time and are a more sustainable bait choice, but when the water is plentiful with live prey, sometimes the only way to get the bass to pay attention is with live bait. You can scoop live prey fish out of the water or use bloodworms, clams and other live bait.