How Do You Catch a Fish?


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To catch a fish, lure one out to your hook using some form of bait, and then reel the fish in. Pull the fish in before it escapes by using the proper catching tools.

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  1. Gather your materials

    Buy a simple fishing kit from a local fishing or sporting goods store. They generally include a medium-sized rod, some hooks, a fishing line and a few other accessories. Find some bait, such as worms, crickets or night crawlers. They either be bought from a bait shop, or you can gather them yourselves from a garden or nearby trees. Finally, ready your pole by properly attaching the line and bait to it.

  2. Lure the fish

    Go to a body of water that is known to have fish. Ponds or lakes can be excellent fishing spots. Attach the bobber to the line. Make it so that a distance of 2 feet is between the bobber and the bait on the hook. Wait for the fish to get lured in by the bait you have attached.

  3. Reel in the fish

    Wait to see if the bobber shakes or goes completely under water, then carefully reel in the fish. New fishers may require help if reeling in a very large fish.

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