How Do You Catch Crappie Fish?


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To catch crappie, fish in large ponds or the shallow part of a lake with sand and mud on the bottom, as this is where crappie most often live. It is also important to use the proper bait, whether you're fishing with live or artificial bait.

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How Do You Catch Crappie Fish?
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Crappie fishing is often described as an easier, more low-key alternative to other types of fishing that require more skill and patience, such as bass or carp fishing. The abundance of crappie in the United States makes them easier to catch than more elusive, deep-water dwelling fish.

Choosing the proper live bait for a crappie is easy because they feed on many things such as minnows, worms and most insects. You can purchase live bait at a bait shop or collect it on your own. It is important that the live bait is in good shape to properly attract the fish.

Artificial bait, such as jigs and lures, is also a good option. When choosing a lure, pick one that could pass as one of the crappie's foods of choice. The coloring of the lure is important as crappies have good eyesight.

One benefit of fishing crappie is that you can fish them year-round with a variety of techniques. Ice fishing, night fishing and fly fishing are some other ways to catch crappie.

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