What Is a Car Rally Scavenger Hunt?


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A car rally scavenger hunt is a scavenger hunt where participants are allowed to use cars. They cover a larger geographical area than scavenger hunts for kids. They may also have various competitions as stages.

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Car rally scavenger hunts are often designed to be similar to "The Amazing Race." Participants are given clues about where to start, and they must solve a clue or complete a puzzle at every stage along the way.

Scavenger hunts are common for children, but they are rare for adults. Car rally scavenger hunts let participants recapture a part of their childhoods. Car rally scavenger hunts also provide a broad playing field; hosts can choose locations throughout an entire city.

When planning a scavenger hunt, hosts need to take time to ensure that each clue is solvable. In addition, many car rally scavenger hunts also contain stages where contestants must complete challenges. A three-legged race, for example, is a fun break from having to solve difficult riddles. Hosts use cell phones to ensure that contestants solve puzzles. When contestants call with the correct answer, hosts give them the next clues. Careful planning is essential, and hosts may want to give their course a test run to ensure that there are no logistical issues.

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