Where Can I Watch NFL Highlights?

There are many places to watch NFL highlights, including NFL.com, Yahoo! Sports and ESPN.com. If a person does not have access to a computer or a Web browser-enabled smartphone, he or she can view NFL highlights on a local news station or on shows such as ESPN's Sportscenter.

NFL.com is an exceptional place to watch professional football highlights. The website has a section devoted to watching highlights as well as season news and updates, schedules, standings and rosters. Highlights are available on NFL.com not only for the current week, but for all of the weeks in the season as well. There is a section for Big Play Highlights as well as sections devoted to each team and their respective games. Highlights may also include bleacher and injury reports.

ESPN.com has many NFL highlights as well, but they are not as complete. ESPN also has subpages and sections dedicated to many other areas of sports, such as the NHL, MLB and MLS. Popular highlights such as baseball playoffs and the World Series highlights are displayed on the same page as football. Yahoo! Sports has a large collection of NFL, college and local football highlights on their NFL Video page. Yahoo! also has NFL standings and a fantasy football league.

There are also mobile applications for NFL highlights. NFL.com also has an app for iOS and Android devoted to weekly NFL happenings, which include highlights, standings, injury reports and fantasy football stats.