Where Can I Watch Live Cricket on the Internet Now?


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Viewers can watch live cricket games on the official WatchESPN website. The website offers viewers the option of watching past games as well. WatchESPN also broadcasts live games on their official app, which is available on several electronic devices.

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Cricket is a sport created in England around the thirteenth century. The game consists of two 11-player teams that compete against each other. Both teams take turns batting and bowling during two innings. The batting team sends two batsmen at a time to bat. The batsman's objective is to hit the ball being bowled at him away from a wicket that is placed on the ground behind him. Both batsmen are placed across from each other in the field. After one batsman hits the ball, both batsmen run back and forth between the wickets to score a run.

If the opposite team catches the ball, no runs are scored. If the ball is able to reach or go over the field's boundary, the batsmen are not required to move and automatically score runs. At the end of the game, the team with the most runs wins. The sport is played in countries around the world, such as England and Australia. Women have also been known to play cricket since the 18th century.

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