How Can You Watch Keenland Live Racing?


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To watch Keenland live racing, go to the Keenland home page and click on Racing in the top left corner. Then scroll down to Racing Menu, and select Video. Next choose the Live Coverage link from the drop-down menu under Video, which takes you to a page that houses all live streams of current races. Though the site is configured for mobile devices, there is a link available for a different page that works best for Android users.

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On the live coverage page, you may also choose the live chat option to interact with others streaming the races. Additionally, you have the option to replay races that have already finished by going back to the video link and selecting Race Replays.

If there is no race happening when you visit the Live Coverage page, the video field will be empty and it will include a statement that no race is currently being streamed. You can view full race schedules on the Racing page under Today's Simulcast Schedule in the center of the page. Future racing schedules are listed in the Calendar link at the top of the page.

Other options on the Keenland site include videos of workouts, race interviews and previews. You can view any of these videos by selecting the desired option from the Video drop-down menu.

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