Where Can You Watch Female Wrestling Matches Online?

Viewers can watch female wrestling matches and highlights on YouTube, Metacafe and the World Wrestling Entertainment official website. Although many of the videos feature some advertisements, users can watch the videos for free on each site.

YouTube features a wide collection of women's wrestling matches, ranging from amateur videos to professional wrestling championship highlights. There are also some rare vintage matches and submission videos. While some videos are less than three minutes long, others last more than 12 minutes. The United World Wrestling YouTube channel features a number of professional women's matches, such as the 2014 Gold Match from the World Championship featuring A. Da and A. Gray, with more than 10 minutes of video shot in HD. Matches from channels such as TNA Impact Wrestling and Santino Bros. Wrestling are also available.

Wrestling fans find a variety of vintage women's wrestling matches from the 1950s through the 1980s on Metacafe. A few options include a 1987 American Women's Wrestling Federation match and several Powerful Women of Wrestling matches. On the WWE website, fans can watch match highlight videos with wrestlers such as Beth Phoenix and Candice Michelle. WWE's "Most Powerful Divas" videos and "Miss WrestleMania Battle Royale: WrestleMania 25" are also available, and the site features exclusive interviews with the wrestlers.