What Can You Use Football Clip Art Images For?

You can use football clip art images for many purposes, including creating a custom logo for a children's football league or developing a stylish sports-themed flier. You can use clip art as-is or as a foundation for creating custom images.

Clip art refers to non-photographic images, which you can use to create a variety of graphics projects. Originally, clip art referred to images available in books that people would cut out and use for decorative purposes. As of 2015, clip art commonly refers to digital images. You can create clip art on physical media using traditional art supplies or with a computer.

Websites such as GraphicsFactory.com and Openclipart.org offer football-themed clip art. Graphics Factory offers royalty-free clip art, while Openclipart offers public domain clip art. All artists who submit work to Openclipart release all rights to the image, which allows others to use the clip art for personal and commercial purposes.

When using football clip art, it's important to consider the image rights. If the clip art is a public domain image, you may alter and distribute the image for personal and commercial purposes. The rules for royalty-free clip art generally vary depending on the seller, but typically, it is permissible to use the clip art for most non-profit purposes.