What Can You Use As an Effective Deer Lure?


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Decoys, sounds and scents are used to lure deer into hunting range. The type of lure depends on the season. Lures that are effective during pre-rut and rut are not generally effective once the mating season has passed.

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Deer decoys are artificial deer designed to attract the attention of real deer. Some are three dimensional, and some are printed photographic images. Decoys come in buck and doe models and are held in place with stakes. Use smaller buck decoys early in the season to pique the curiosity of groups of feeding deer. Doe decoys combined with scent inspire confidence in bucks in the post-mating season.

Deer scents include plain doe urine, urine from does in estrus and dominant buck urine. Estrus scents attract male deer in search of a doe to mate with. Grunt tubes are used to imitate deer vocal sounds. Deep grunts sound like adult bucks, and higher pitched, less guttural grunts sound like young male deer.

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