Where Can You Find Surplus 7.62x54R Ammunition?


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Surplus 7.62x54R ammunition is available through numerous online retailers in a variety of weights, cores, and casings. It is sold as military surplus from sites that include aimsurpluss.com, bulkammo.com, and classic firearms.com.

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The Russian 7.62x54R ammunition was made by the Novosibirsk Ammunition Factory to be fired from the Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifle. It is a steel core bullet with a lead tip, a full metal, copper-washed steel jacket casing, and is sold in 440-round cans. It is available in 147-grain weight as Bulgarian surplus and in 149-grain weight as Romanian surplus by aimsurpluss.com, and in 148-grain weight as Russian surplus from bulkammo.com. This ammunition is also available in heavier grain weights and in different quantities through other suppliers.

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