How Can a Super Bowl Squares Grid Be Personalized?


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A Super Bowl Squares grid is personalized by adding team names and logos, changing the color of the grid and by adding payout information. A Super Bowl Squares grid determines a winner for each quarter, half, the overall score of the game or all three.

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A Super Bowl Squares grid is also personalized as to how many squares are desired. Common grids include a 100-square grid and a 50-square grid with quarter and halftime lines. A grid is printed to include a name or logo of the entity or persons sponsoring the grid. Instructions of how to determine the winners of each payout period are also added to of the corners outside of the grid to add some personalization.

A Super Bowl Squares grid is also used as a promotional tool for a business or an independent sales consultant. For example, each time a customer purchases so much of a product or spends a set amount of money, her name is randomly placed on a square within the grid. Instead of paying out money to the winners of each quarter, half or game, the winner of each payout period receives a gift certificate to the particular business or sales consultant sponsoring the grid.

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