How Can Someone Make Cheerleader's Pompoms?


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Cheerleader's pompoms can be made from a variety of materials, including tissue paper and felt, and these materials are typically fringed and bundled together to create the pompom's feathery and puffy appearance. The pompoms can be made in an appropriate size for the age of the person using them. Pompoms that are intended for children to use can be made smaller so they fit easily in the child's hand.

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Different sets of instructions may recommend alternate approaches to the construction of the pompoms. For example, one set of instructions may recommend attaching the pompoms to a dowel or some kind of handle while others do not call for attaching the pompoms to anything.

The process for making pompoms is simple and remains similar across different sets of instructions, even if the raw materials differ. The tissue paper or felt can be stacked in layers of alternating colors and then folded in half lengthwise. Scissors can then be used to cut fringe into the folded material, taking care to leave some uncut material to ensure the fringes hold together. The fringed material can then be rolled up with the fringe facing outward and tied snugly around the middle to hold everything together. After this, the fringe can be fluffed out to make a pompom shape.

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