How Can Solar Lunar Fishing Tables Help in Catching Fish?


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Solar lunar fishing tables can help in catching fish by providing times and dates when fish are more likely to be active. They involve a combination of solar and lunar activity to calculate ideal fishing times.

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Solar lunar tables are based on solunar theory, which is a system that uses the relationship between the sun and moon to predict times when fish are likely to be active. In solunar theory, fish are least active when the moon rises and sets and most active in the two periods in between. However, the moon phases can also play a role in activity. Fishermen had long used tides to determine fish activity. Solunar theory assumes that it is solar and lunar activity that influences the fish rather than the tides, as fish run on a biological clock that coincides with lunar activity.

Calculating solar and lunar activity can be tricky and inaccurate. Solar lunar tables provide the calculations and outline ideal days and times for fishing.

Although many fishermen swear by solunar theory, a number of other factors can strongly influence fish activity. Temperature, the season and weather can cause fish to become more or less active. Barometric patterns also play a big role, as fish are sensitive to changes in pressure.

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