How Can You Save Money When Buying Used Sailboats?


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Saving money on a used sailboat can involve several techniques employed at different phases of the purchase process, including during the search, negotiation and final sale. For example, used sailboat shoppers can save themselves money in the long run by making an honest appraisal of what they will use their boat for and whether they actually have the time to enjoy it; larger boats tend to cost more both up front and in terms of maintenance and storage, so those who have dreams of sailing long distances in a spacious boat should be honest with themselves about whether they will ever actually take the time to make such a journey. If not, opting for a smaller boat is a more financially pragmatic choice.

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In addition to considering realistic use, buyers should be prepared to negotiate with sellers. Any offer to purchase a used sailboat should be made under the condition of inspection by a professional sailboat appraiser. This condition is known as "subject to survey." Obtaining the services of a professional sailboat appraiser does require upfront cost, but these professionals can give the boat a thorough inspection and let the prospective buyer know about any major issues that currently or will eventually require repair. If the sale is subject to survey, the buyer can use any issues uncovered during the inspection as a way of negotiating a lower price on the boat.

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