How Can You Save Money When Buying a Golf Cart?


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One of the best ways to save money when purchasing a golf cart is to opt for a used model instead of a new one; this may not be an appealing option for all buyers, but used carts are often a good choice for those who want to modify or customize a cart on a budget. When opting for a new golf cart over a used one, it makes sense to buy the most basic model possible as upgrade features, including custom paint jobs and souped-up engines, can contribute to a much higher price.

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Shoppers who want to purchase a high-quality golf cart at a low price may want to buy through a professional golf cart dealer rather than an independent seller. Professional dealers typically repair and rehabilitate damaged, used carts before selling them, which can end up saving the buyer money in the long run.

Some golf cart dealers may sell refurbished models that have been completely rehabilitated and may even have new upholstery. Some refurbishment jobs are performed by the cart's manufacturer. These refurbished golf carts may even come with a warranty. This refurbishment usually means a higher initial price tag, but it can be a good strategy for obtaining a good-quality cart at a lower price than brand new. Those who prefer to do their own cart maintenance should look for an as-is sale to ensure the lowest possible price.

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