Where Can You View Results of the Fishers of Men Tournament?

Where Can You View Results of the Fishers of Men Tournament?

View the results of the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail by visiting the tournament's official website, FOMNTT.com. From the home page, navigate to the Stren Team Series tab, and then select the More Results option in the first section. This page displays the official results of the most recent 30 event results of the tournament. Additionally, find results from events that occurred prior to the most recent 30 by selecting the Schedule option at the top of the page.

The Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail is both a sporting event and a ministry. Each tournament event takes place on Friday and Saturday and is comprised of a Friday night meeting and a Saturday all-day competition.

At the Friday night meeting, competitors receive instructions for the competition and a free meal. Additionally, the Fishers of Men organization arranges for a speaker to give a gospel message.

The Saturday competition is a professionally run bass fishing tournament. All Fishers of Men events are team events, and each team is comprised of two members. For regular events, both of these competitors are over the age of 19. For legacy events, however, the team consists of one member who is 19 or older and one member who is under 19.

Fishers of Men is a Christian ministry, and it believes and teaches that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for mankind's sins and rose again. The organization also believes anyone who believes in God receives the gift of eternal life.

Fishers of Men was founded in 1998 and hosted 21 events in its first full season. As of 2015, Fishers of Men hosts more than 300 events annually throughout the eastern half of the United States, making it one of the largest fishing tournament providers in the country.