How Can You Repair a Golf Club?


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Many stores that sell golf clubs, such as sporting goods stores and golf pro shops, repair golf clubs for a fee. Alternatively, some golf club repairs can be completed at home with the proper tools and supplies.

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How Can You Repair a Golf Club?
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Some golf stores offer a variety of golf club repair services, including re-shafting and re-gripping. Some pro shops at local golf courses also offer repair services.

Replace golf club grips using double sided tape and the proper solvent. After old grips and grip tape are cut off with a knife, place new tape onto the grip area of the shaft and over the top edge of the shaft. Apply grip solvent to the tape and the inside of the new grip. Slide the new grip over the tape and allow the grip to dry overnight.

For stainless steel club heads, remove dents and scratches by buffing them out with a bench grinder or power drill with a grinding wheel. For issues with the grooves on a club face, a groove tool easily cleans and sharpens groove edges and valleys.

Generally, damaged golf club shafts cannot be repaired and must be replaced. With a heat gun or blow torch, release the epoxy bond from the hosel that joins the shaft and club head. After the new shaft is cut to the proper size with a hacksaw, heat new epoxy with the heat gun or blow torch and set the shaft into the hosel.

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