How Can You Read ESPN's NFL Injury Report?


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Read ESPN's NFL injury report by visiting ESPN's website and clicking on NFL and then going to the injuries category. Once there, you can look at the entire league's injuries team by team or select a specific team to view injuries.

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The ESPN NFL injury report is organized by team in alphabetical order. It begins with the Arizona Cardinals and ends with the Washington Redskins. A drop-down menu near the top of the page allows readers to choose a specific team.

Under a specific team, the injuries are listed by date. The injury list typically goes back four days. The player's name is listed first and then his position in its common initials, such as "CB" for "cornerback." The status is listed next with reference to the upcoming game.

The status possibilities include out, doubtful, questionable, probable and injured reserve. Out means the player is already ruled out for the upcoming game. Doubtful means there is a 25-percent chance of playing, while questionable means a 50-percent chance. Probable means there is a 75-percent chance of playing, and injured reserve means the player is off the active roster.

After the status line, the date the injury was reported is listed, and below that are comments on the injury and where it was reported.

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