Can You Purchase Crossbows on EBay?

Can You Purchase Crossbows on EBay? offers a wide variety of crossbows, all of which are available for purchase. The top-rated crossbow on eBay is the New Barnett 78220 Crossbow Ghost 410 Package CRT w/Scope, Arrows, and Quiver, listed at $1,099.99 as of 2015.

EBay lists crossbows that range from beginner sets, with arrows included, to advanced, scoped crossbows with 180 pounds of pull. Since crossbows are classified as firearms, eBay does not allow the sale of many models of crossbow; furthermore, one must be 18 or older to purchase a crossbow or any other firearm from eBay. The purchaser must check local state laws on crossbows or else eBay may not ship to his address.