Where Can You Purchase Coyote Howlers?


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Coyote calls and howlers can be purchased from various sporting goods stores like Dick's Sporting Goods and Cabela's, as well as from the online supplier AllPredatorCalls. These retailers offer a selection of electronic and wood carved predator call devices.

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Dick's Sporting Goods features the FOXPRO Shockwave Remote Control Electronic Predator Call. This is a high powered device that is able to replicate the calls of nearly 1,000 different predators for the purpose of hunting. The device is equipped with four speakers to ensure the calls are amplified at a sufficient volume, and it comes with external speakers for situations where more volume is needed. Dick's Sporting Goods also allows the customers to post reviews of purchased products, which can be a useful resource for first time buyers.

Cabela's boasts an expansive online selection that ranges from hand squeeze, predator calls to advanced electronic systems with powerful speakers, as well as accessories like carrying cases and external speakers. Products can be ordered online, and Cabela's can also be contacted by phone for further assistance or product related questions.

AllPredatorCalls specializes in predator call devices. Buyers can search its online inventory to find devices with multiple predator calls, or simple tools specific to a single animal, such as the coyote. The selection of handheld coyote howlers are made of both wood and plastic and come in a variety of designs and prices.

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