Where Can You Purchase Alliant Smokeless Powder?

Where Can You Purchase Alliant Smokeless Powder?

Authorized dealers of Alliant smokeless powders can be found using the "Dealer Locator" feature on Alliant's website. Smokeless powder is a term given to a type of combustible propellants used in firearms and artillery.

Although the term "smokeless" may not be entirely true for this type of propellant, it does produce significantly lesser smoke compared to black powder, which it has largely replaced. The term has widespread use in the United States but not so much in other English-speaking countries.

The development of smokeless powders can be traced back to the Napoleonic wars where the need for smokeless powders arose. The thick smoke that came from black powders used in the Napoleonic wars made bad battlefield conditions even worse. The invention of guncotton in 1846 pushed the development of smokeless powders in the right direction.

The roots of Alliant Powder goes back to Laflin & Rand Company, the company that financed the development of the W.A. smokeless powder in cooperation with the U.S. Army. This type of smokeless powder was used in U.S. Army rifles between 1897 to 1906.

Smokeless powders have since been developed to become more stable and safer. It has likewise become a standard propellant among gun enthusiasts, particularly those who prefer to make and reload their own bullets. Apart from using the dealer locator feature on the Alliant Powder website, its products can also be purchased from established online retailers of gun and outdoor adventure related products.