Where Can You Purchase Accessories for a Stevens 320?

As of 2015, Amazon sells accessories for a Stevens 320 shotgun. As the Stevens 320 is modeled after the Winchester 1300, it is believed that many accessories for the Winchester 1300 can fit the Stevens 320. ATI Gun Stocks, Midwest Gun Works and others also sell such accessories.

Amazon advertises accessories for the Stevens 320 shotgun. Some highlighted accessories listed include a flashlight mount and tactical clamp mount, shotshell holder, sight and ammo sling.

The Stevens 320 is manufactured in China and imported to the United States by Savage Arms, according to an article in the Examiner. One complaint about the Stevens 320 is that there are few accessories that are specifically designed for this particular gun. However, the author of the article notes that the Stevens 320 was modeled after the discontinued Winchester 1300 model, and accessories for the Winchester 1300 can usually be adapted to the Stevens 320.

ATI Gun Stocks and Midwest Gun Works are two example sites where one can purchase accessories for the Winchester 1300. For example, Midwest Gun Works sells magazine extensions, police sling swivels, choke tubes and pistol grip kits. ATI Gun Stocks sells accessories such as heat shields, buffer tube upgrades, mag extensions, recoil pads and cheekrest pads.