How Can You Print Super Bowl Squares?


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Websites such as PrintYourBrackets.com and 100SquaresFootballPool.com have printable templates for Super Bowl squares. The organizer of the game can also create a Super Bowl squares game online at FootballSquares.net.

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After printing the template, the game organizer assigns each axis to one of the Super Bowl teams. Each participant writes his name in one or more squares and pays a specific cash value for those squares. For example, each square could cost $1, with the total pot equalling $100. After the grid fills with names, the game organizer randomly assigns a number zero through nine to each column and each row, not repeating a number within those columns or rows. In this way, each square now represents the last digit of a football score. For example, the square with a nine for Team A and a one for Team B is the winning square if the game score is Team A with 29 and Team B with 11, or Team A has nine and Team B has 31.

During the actual Super Bowl, the organizer can choose when to award cash prizes to the winners. To make the squares game more fun, the organizer can award cash prizes to contestants having the winning square based on the score at the end of each quarter, not just the final score. For example, with a $100 pot, the organizer can give the winner of the first quarter, half time and third quarter squares each $15 and award the final score winner the $65 balance.

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