Where Can You Find a Portable Ice-Fishing Hut?


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Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's and Amazon.com are some places that have portable ice-fishing huts available. Portable fishing shelters come in a variety of sizes, styles and construction materials. The retailers also carry a wide selection of portable shelter and other ice-fishing accessories including sleds for hauling shelters, seating and storage for the shelters, and ice augers for drilling holes to fish through the ice.

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Two-to-three man shelters are the most common sizes available, but many suppliers carry models that can accommodate five to seven or even more ice anglers. The larger size shelters can be more difficult to transport. Many of the smaller units are designed to fold down and fit into a small plastic sled that the fishermen can easily pull across the ice to their favorite spot.

Portable ice-fishing shelters are made from a variety of materials including Nylon, canvas and poly-cotton. Typically, the thicker material shelters are warmer, but they are also heavier which can be important for fisherman hauling them a long distance on the ice. Many materials are also waterproof, breathable, flame-resistant and have ventilation installed which can be important and lifesaving features.

Many ice fishermen use portable propane heaters to stay warm inside of their shelters. These units can produce carbon monoxide which makes the ventilation and breathability of the construction critical.

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